Powerfull all-in-one monitoring platform.

For Websites, VPS, Servers, Cloud, ...

No software to buy or look after.
Just get online, sign up and you are up and running in 3 minutes.

Go with the best cloud-based, agentless monitoring product on the market.

Website uptime and response time, Server health, Network performance, Custom metrics, and more.  It’s fast and intuitive.

We have NOCs around the world, we can monitor from almost everywhere!

See everything at a glance

Your complete IT system in our all-in-one Dashboard: Web apps, Server health, Network performance, Custom metrics, and more in a single window.

It probably won’t happen but, if you do need help with something, reach out to us via Live Chat, email or open a ticket. Yes, and we speak English, German, Polish and French.

Is your site down?

We knew it before you.

Do you know how to improve your Website Performance? We do! Next time we inform you with our All-in one monitoring solution.

Instant Website Monitoring out of the box

Why is Monitoring.me perfect for you?

Every second of website downtime or slow performance costs cash and impacts your brand and SEO. Ensure that you can spot the problems before your Website Visitors do!

For IT Specialists

You like being the master of your company’s IT universe, but you hate the stress of knowing that you don’t know what you don’t know? Your collegues from Accounting call you: "Hey our site is down". With Monitoring.me you know it before they call!

Service Providers

Are you an IT consultant, ISP, ISV, Web developer, or Web designer? Then welcome to a whole new revenue stream!

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